Farewell to GFK Qualitative Team: An Island of Wonderful People

Dedicated to Burçak Gökbayrak who has made it all possible and all the wonderful people whose ways have crossed the GFK Qualitative Team!


The end of 2018 has marked an important incident that has changed the lives of many including myself: the end of GFK qualitative team in Turkey. Something unimaginable for someone like me who has been with the team for the last 18 years.

The GFK Qualitative team has been a school as well as a home for many. Its supportive, creative and humane atmosphere has enabled many to flourish, to learn about qualitative research, to express themselves, to work in the most fun environment possible.

In the GFK qualitative team, I have learnt about team work, met one of the most wonderful people that are the pillars of my life, have spent one of the most productive and creative years of my life!

GFK Qualitative team meant people with all their unique characters, their warm gestures, welcoming attitudes, their bright perspectives, their creative ideas, their enthusiastic outlook on life. They were fun, loving, humane, knowledgeable…with their child like curiosity, they were eager to learn…with their warm hearts, eager to connect…with their experience and profound knowledge, eager to generate ideas and insights; with their creative outlook on life, eager to adapt, learn and create!

GFK Qualitative team was Burçak Gökbayrak with her warm heart that connected it “all”, her optimism that has inspired us all, her task oriented attitude that did not even break one heart on her way to solutions, her practicality that has surpassed all challenges, her adaptability that broke all rigid boundaries, her belief in life, future and solutions that has inspired us all! She was always ready to listen, to support, to create, to move forward! She will always be remembered by every single one of us whose way has crossed the GFK Qualitative team!

GFK Qualitative team was Songül Dursun that has made it “all” possible with her practical solutions, her vibrant energy, her welcoming attitude, her larger than life network!

And GFK Qualitative team was all the precious people who have become one of the most important people in my life: Sinem Şahin, Yeşim Yaşa, Erdal with all their wisdom, depth, humor, humanism and vibrant energy!

So, I have not only lost a job but a home…not only my colleagues but my family! I am not only going to miss my workplace but an island of beautiful people! An island unlike any other with all its soul, energy and wisdom!


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